Embedded Tweets w/ link-color should change the colour of the person icon


Hello. I recently implemented the “link-color” attribute for all of the embedded tweets on my website. I noticed that it doesn’t change the colour of the person icon and it ends up looking weird and out-of-place (see attached image - the red box is around the icon in question).

I just wanted to provide this feedback in the hopes that someone at Twitter can change the colour of the person icon to match whatever link-color is being used.

Live example on my site: https://videochums.com/review/atelier-rorona-the-alchemist-of-arland-dx

Thank you in advance!



Hi @VideoChums,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The link color of the pivot text shouldn’t be customizable here. We’ll put up a fix very soon.



Looks great, thanks!


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