Embedded Tweets: unexpected behavior


We’ve become used to having a ‘Profile Summary’ appear when clicking on a user name in a Tweet. I never really liked this and often open the link in a new tab, but it is the expected behavior - just as everyone knows that links in Tweets open in a new window, however much we devs object to that…

However, when the Tweet is embedded, the Tweet looks the same but the expected behavior is not there… no Profile Summary, and links open in the same window, which users probably don’t expect.

Just guessing that page owners would prefer the “expected behavior” and not have their pages pull surprises on their dear users.


Just noticed that the “Profile Summary” now stays in one place when highlighting text - nice improvement! Thanks!


I’ll rephrase my question:

Would it breach the ToS to use js or css to get links in embedded Tweets to open in a new window?

Doesn’t seem like it, so I’ve tried but maybe the ‘rehydration’ process is making it difficult.

Can anyone help out? Thanks!

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