Embedded tweets not rendering in iOS Twitter app's browser


Apologies if this has been covered and is already a known issue. I searched threads and found some related discussions, but nothing concrete and laid out as succinctly as I’m (hopefully) going to do here.

I’ve noticed that embedded tweets are not rendering fully in the iOS Twitter app’s internal web browser. It almost seems as if widgets.js is not being loaded at all.

Simple example: Visit my timeline at @OtisdeBurgh and click the URL in my only tweet there. That is a simple no frills HTML page with one embedded tweet. It renders as expected in Mobile Safari and Tweetbot, but not in Twitter’s own browser.

Anyone know what’s up with that?

Thanks so much for any thoughts you might have!


Thanks for the report. This is indeed a bug – the good news is that it has already been fixed. At this point we’re just waiting for the next Twitter for iOS release.


Great to hear. Thanks for the update, Jake!