Embedded tweets not linking to my profile?


I have tried everything, but cannot get my tweets on my website to link through to my Twitter profile.

My widget is on here - http://remixfaction.com/category/blog/

The tweets show up, but when you click on the link saying when the Tweet was posted, it does not go to the Tweet, it goes to a Sorry, that page doesn’t exist! - https://twitter.com/RemixFaction/status/4.9854259814416E+17

It looks as tho there is an unwanted ‘.’ and a ‘+’ on the link. Hate this!

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can’t get anyone else to help me.


The easiest way would be to use the official widget https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines.

The reason the widget you are using doesn’t work is probably because it’s handling the tweet id in a programming language that doesn’t like so big numbers. Using id_str instead of id should fix it the problem though.


Thanks very much for getting back to me. Is id_str something I should be changing in my widget php files or something to do with my Twitter App?

Sorry for the rooky question!


The “ut-twitter” WordPress plugin building the link displayed on your page should be using the id_str property returned by Twitter’s REST API to build a URL used in your links. It looks like this is a problem with the plugin bundled with your purchased United Themes Brooklyn WordPress theme.

Each Tweet has a unique identifier. Twitter used to reference these identifiers as a number but as Twitter grew the identifiers outgrew the size of the bucket used by most systems to reference numbers. The scientific notation you see on your site, 4.9 x 10^17, is a signal the software used to put together the Tweet URL can’t handle the number bucket overflowing in a way that makes sense for Tweet references. The Twitter API returns an id_str property for each Tweet, making it easier to build a Tweet URL.

If you like the Brooklyn theme’s widget you can crate a ticket on United Themes’ site and reference this discussion to help them fix their theme.

If you would just like to display a user timeline on your blog and have the ability to add a generic HTML widget you can copy-and-paste markup from Twitter’s markup generator into the WordPress HTML widget.


Wow, Niall! Thanks for the detailed response!

I am already in conversation with United Themes, just waiting for their reply. I will of course link them to this conversation and hopefully they can come up with a fix. The only reason I would prefer to use their bundled Twitter plugin is that it is more in keeping with the design of the theme. However, if they cannot come up with a fix, I will use the generic timeline embed.

Really though, I appreciate the time you took to explain this to me. I can stop driving myself crazy thinking I had created the Twitter app incorrectly!


Niall, it has now been fixed. The theme author sent me a new php file to add. They asked me to thank you as your post really helped them to figure out what was going wrong. I would also like to thank you again. It’s greatly appreciated!