Embedded tweets no longer show up in an empty iframe


If I have an nested empty iframe (src is set to about:blank), tweets I try to load using the oEmbed code no longer show up.
:exclamation: This was working fine on January 10 but broke on January 11.

An example

<iframe src="https://actual-link-to-site">
    <iframe src="about:blank">
        // oembed code

The code that fails is in the widgets.js that is loaded from the tag provided in the oEmbed.


The following check is done:
"http:" !== l.protocol && "https:" !== l.protocol
the object l here is my inner iframe and the protocol is set to about:blank, so this will fail.
I would expect it to refer to the parent iframe which has the actual src property set.


Probably the related issue: Embed Tweet code doesn't work


Hi @Edwinvdv,

Thanks for reporting this problem!

We deployed a new version of widgets.js earlier today that should resolve this problem. Can you please test again and let me know if you’re still running into issues with widget rendering?


The problem seems to be solved now.
Thanks for the quick fix :robot:


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