Embedded Tweets Missing Counts/Actions


Some time in the last day or two it seems that embedded tweets no longer show reply, retweet and favourite counts and hence also the actions are no longer possible to be done from within the embedded tweet.

I managed to find a recent screenshot from a website of an embed, and took another just now to show the difference :


I can’t find any mention of this change anywhere. Is this a permanent change or a temporary regression?




Hi John, thanks for the question. We are currently running a small experiment in embedded Tweets to help us learn about how people interact with Tweets. This will inform future features.

The Tweet you’ve seen is one of a couple of compact variations enabled yesterday for a very small percentage of people. Please be assured, most of your users are seeing the regular version. It will return to normal when the test ends in about two weeks.

Small tests like this are run from time to time to inform our work, in addition to the feedback we get from speaking with developers and publishers. We’ll be in touch with the community whenever we decide to roll out features more broadly.




Hi Ben,
OK, thanks for the update.