Embedded Tweets Getting Cut Off -- Bottom not displaying


I’m wondering why my embedded tweets are getting cut short – it appears to be a certain theme problem. The problem is when a picture tweet is embedded, the bottom of the tweet which is the part where the text is is being cut off from showing.

Mobile works fine on the theme, and the tweet works fine on PC display on a different theme, so is it just a theme problem or is there some code I can insert to guarantee that it will show?

Would post more information… site links etc, not sure if that’s allowed.



Are you directly inserting an iframe or are you relying on widgets.js to create and manage the widget on your behalf?

The height of the embedded Tweet will vary if conversation and/or cards options are displayed. Twitter’s JavaScript takes care of setting the height of the iframe.


I was just using the un-linked hyperlink of the tweet…

If there is a better way to do it please let me know.

Just to be clear, it’s not cutting off only the text - it’s cutting off about halfway through the tweet text in what looks like an arbitrary point. Thanks again.


Hi Brian,

Could you please give us a little more detail so we can look into this? We sometimes hear reports of frames not sizing the way we expect them to, but it depends on the site, and the content of the Tweet in question. Please see these notes on filing bug reports and we’ll try to follow up:




I have embedded the twitter widget on a development site. But it cuts off about 5px" of the bottom of the widget. I’ve tested on all Browsers and same issue.