Embedded tweets completion event?


Is there an event triggered by widget.js when the rendering of an embedded tweet is complete? How can my code find out that rendering is complete?


FWIW, I ended up using a jQuery “watch” plugin, e.g. https://github.com/darcyclarke/jQuery-Watch-Plugin


i’m wondering where to get buttons that let people sign in , though without wanting all that info. . only their name & email .? i wanted Follow button . since seeing this i’m wodering if possible with these smaller types . plus wanted to embed ’ question ’ , instead of tweet . will go see the plug in . then get twitter follow 'til figure this out . i’m into suggestions . . . thanx !!


Hey Karim. Sorry I didn’t see this thread back when you first posted it. Just to say that I really, really like this idea. Can’t promise when we might add the feature as we’re a small team with lots to do, but I’ve got it tracked on our backlog.


I’d love a completion event to help trigger Masonry on a set of embedded tweets.


HI @infojunkie71. I’m facing same problem with embedding tweet inside Masonry. I read your thread but i’m not familiar with js can you please provide me the code you used.
Thanks in Advance :smile:

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