Embedded Tweet timeline isn't updating


We’ve embedded the Twitter timeline onto our homepage here: http://www.freightchampion.com/

The final tweet is dated the 18/11/13, even though we have since tweeted on the 28/11/13. Why is it not updating? Is this an error.

We’ve only recently added this feature to our website. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


The issue is that you have the ‘Exclude Replies’ setting enabled on your widget, so the most recent Tweet “@ChampionFreight has moved head office address” is being excluded, as it appears to be a reply to yourself.

That might well be a little bug on our side (since you Tweet mentions you, it doesn’t reference another status ID), so I’ll have someone investigate fixing it. Sorry about that, and thanks for letting us know about the issue.

You should find that any other Tweets (not with a username at the start) will display fine.