Embedded tweet not rendering until orientation change on ipad/iphone


I’m using the embedded tweet on my website, and it works perfectly on all desktop browsers.

However when the page first loads on a mobile browser (confirmed on iphone safari & chrome, and ipad safari) the original blockquote shows, but doesn’t get replaced by the embedded tweet.

If I change the orientation of the device, the javascript seems to finally kick in, and replace the block quote with the embedded tweet.

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround for it, to trigger the javascript on page load on mobile devices?



Can you share a link to the specific page that does this?

Our code is set up to only remove the blockquote when the replacement is ready—that way, if a Tweet is deleted, or if our service goes down at any point, the content will still make sense with quotes intact. Mobile browsers obviously process a little slower than their desktop counterparts and we’re looking to better optimised it to reduce the number of inconsistent behaviours crop up, but there are a lot of things that cause variation.

If the orientation change is triggering the update, it may just be that the browser isn’t redrawing. If you gave a URL I can take a look though.





I can’t provide a public link of the actual page, but I have created a codepen of the situation.

On desktop this loads just fine, however when viewed on mobile safari at least, the embed doesn’t render, (not even on orientation change in this case).

Do you know of some quick line of js or something which can be run on page load to trigger a redraw event? Or something I can do to force the twitter javascript to activate?


Thanks for the examples Tom.

I’ve been able to reproduce it in the iOS simulator (thankfully) so working on a fix on our side now. If you want to force it, you just need to trigger a resize event in the page and the frames will snap into play. This is why changing orientation works on some sites, as the page width changes. In the codepen example I think the virtual size of the page doesn’t change, instead it zooms the content, so doesn’t fire the event ever.



Hi again Tom. Just deployed a fix for this, and the codepen test page seems to be working now. Please confirm if your website is working OK now.




That’s fixed it!

Many thanks for looking into it.



Hi BenWard.
Can you give us solution to fix problem when twitter feed when run on mobile?
We have same problem with Embedded tweet. When view on desktop it’s work normal but on on mobile it’s disapper.
Can you help me check area above footer on this link

Thanks you very much.


fyi setting #twitter-widget-0 { width: 100% !important; } also causes this issue (on Android v.2.3.x)