Embedded tweet factory function fails if "twitter:widgets:autoload" meta-tag is set to "off"




not entirely sure if this is the right place to file a bug but here we go:

if i try to embed a tweet via the Embedded Tweet JavaScript Factory Function[1] twitter.widgets.createTweet while having the meta-tag “twitter:widgets:autoload” set to “off” there is a Javascript error inside of platform.twitter .com/widgets.js

If i remove the meta-tag or set the value (content) to any other value than “off” the error does not happen and the embedded tweet is created.

From the documentation of the autoload meta-tag [2] it seems like i’m using it exactly like intended.

This behavior has started about a week ago.

Here is a minimal example that demonstrates the error:

Not Working:
jsbin .com/yefupu/3/edit?html,output

jsbin .com/yefupu/2/edit?html,output

(sorry, i don’t know i to prevent the auto-embedding functionality of jsbin. Also i can’t save edits with links to webpages. This is slightly frustrating.)

Log: https://gist.github .com/kioopi/3c2825ad7ada49cea40ab0a78e587e29


[1] dev.twitter .com/web/embedded-tweets/javascript-create
[2] dev.twitter .com/web/overview/widgets-webpage-properties

TypeError: t is undefined

That looks like a bug on our side, and we will try to have a fix asap.

And, thank you for writing an excellent bug report!


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