Embedded tweet collection timelines



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Embedded Tweets or timelines1 would not require server IP access to the API, as they are rendered in the client browser via Javascript (and deleted Tweets cannot be displayed).

Say I have a collection of tweet IDs and User IDs in my database and I want to display them on a webpage. I would like to know whether there is any documentation for doing that using core PHP


We do not provide a PHP-specific SDK, but you can find a large number of community-contributed examples. At a high level, for each Tweet ID, you’d want to call the oembed endpoint, unwrap the HTML embed code, and print that to your page.


Thanks Andy.

Please also tell if we have tweet ID and user ID and keyword stored in our database, can we call twitter API and display content data according to Twitter Display requirements (https://about.twitter.com/en-gb/company/display-requirements) but modified to add two more columns for location of user and profile of user

Meaning there will be three columns - First column will be having the embedded timeline containing text of the tweets, avatar, user name, name and date time of the tweet for the required keyword collection.

Does this in any violate twitter display requirements ?


Andy, Can you please give info regarding this policy ?


I am not a lawyer so it would not be appropriate for me to overlay my interpretation of the developer policy and display requirements here. If you are using our Tweet display widgets then in principle you are following the spirit of the display agreement.


It is not always possible to use Tweet Display widgets as their functionality is quite limited.

I hoped may be someone else also had asked similar question and had the answer. Law is meant not only for lawyers but for common people to follow. If the language is not clear for you also, may be twitter needs to improve it…

Still, when I get answer to this, I will update it for the benefit of all.


If you cannot use the widgets then the display requirements set out the expectations of Tweet display and treatment in clear terms. You’ll need to build the relevant functionality to draw user profile image, Twitter logo and other marks, per the instructions. Thank you.


Yes, I will put the Tweet with User Profile image, User name, name, Tweet Text Twitter logo, timestamp and twitter actions in first column as shown in the Twitter Display requirements link (https://about.twitter.com/en-gb/company/display-requirements).

My only question is whether besides it, in the second and third column, can I have location of user and profile of user ?

As far as I read the Twitter Display requirements and Twitter Development Policy, I did not find anything violating them.