Embedded timelines restricted to .com .ca names preventing development


So I’m developing for a big website where each developer has their own check-out of the code running on their machine. As per usual.
And the domain I run on is www.whateverthewebsitenameis.neuron where ‘neuron’ is my machine name. The validation for the widget’s white list of accepted domains seems to only allow for domains that end in common types like .com .ca .net …and so on. I can’t actually do anything.

Is there a good reason for this validation to be in place? Even if it messes with, probably many, developers ability to develop and test this widget into our sites. And is there anything I can do about it.

I know localhost works by default. But the site isn’t configure to run on localhost, and I’m not rejigging my set up over 3 days just to get this twitter widget to work.

Thanks in advance.