Embedded Timelines Questions


Use this thread to post your questions about our newly announced product: embedded timelines.

Before asking a question, see: [node:11991] and search this forum, the answer is most likely already there.

If you only see “tweets by @username” you have a problem with your domain configuration, make sure your timeline is configured with the exact domain at https://twitter.com/settings/widgets.

For complete reference, see [node:10248, title=“embedded timelines documentation”].

We are currently not able to help everyone and answer all the questions in this forum, the inbound flow is just to high.


Any ideas on how to get this to work in a WordPress site?


If you are hosting your own wordpress.org blog, the easiest way is to add a text widget to your sidebar (in Appereance » Widgets) and paste the widget code you get from https://twitter.com/settings/widgets/


I’m trying to get the code right but where I have to write de domains its saves it wrong.

My domain is blog.planeta-beisbol.com but when I save the widget it reads blog.planeta only, not the rest.

Now it reads “Unable to update your widget, please check your inputs.” while saving the widget.

Any ideas?



Is it possible to leave out @ replies from the timeline? Since these are rarely interesting to readers of a website, it would make more sense to leave them out. Most third party twitter embedding widgets do this, but neither the previous version nor this new one seems to support this :frowning:


We currently have a client-side javascript bug with dashes in domain names. We are working on a fix.


This option is not available yet but it’s on our list of improvements post-launch.


Great to hear, thanks!


Embedded 8 of them on a page (personal page I use to track food trucks: http://rosel.li/trucks). Scroll bar doesn’t appear in Android 2.3.5 default browser so I can only see top 3 tweets. Same issue on Safari on iPad2. Swipe scrolling in boxes works fine in Chrome on Nexus 7 tablet, however. On Opera Mobile (also on Android) the height is ignored altogether and boxes show all the tweets, making for very tall boxes.


I get a network error (NetworkError: 403 Forbidden - https://cdn.syndication.twim…) when I use the code on an HTTPS domain.


Know of any good living Tumblr examples?


I get "Hmm, an empty timeline. That’s weird"in the widgets Configurator . Yes that’s weird indeed as I have over 25.000 tweets


I’m having an embedding issue on wordpress. I can pull up a preview in my widgets menu showing the timeline, but the only thing that comes up on my site is a link “Tweets by @JRobertHromas” that points to my timeline on twitter. jroberthromas.com


is it mandatory for twitter to have access to the white listed domain names. I have created a widget but it does not render in our dev/staging environment. Gives the console warning that the domain is not whitelisted. It renders on http://localhost. The dev server is only accessible inside our company network


Thanks for reporting these bugs, I will pass this info to the engineering team.


What is the exact domain? I will try to see if I can make it work on my side (and if not report this as a bug).


I’m having trouble figuring out what to do in terms of changing the font size to suit the layout of my website?


Not yet. If anyone has a good link, feel free to share here.


Same thing with my account, but it always been like that with me. My account doesn’t appear in public search or anything… i don’t know why and no one on Twitter has answer me :confused:

@froginthevalley if you can help us I’d would be so much thankful


I can confirm that the scroll bar does not appear on Android default browser (tested on 4.0), but you can scroll by swiping up or down on the timelines