Embedded timelines order




I have embedded a twitter widget into a webpage that I am using to host events. But I need the widget to display tweets in a chronological order. It appears that by default the tweets appear in a seemingly random fashion.

Any help is appreciated.


What kind of timeline are you embedding?


It’s a twitter search. I am trying to display all tweets with a certain
hashtag in chronological order.


That should already be the case - note that retweets will appear at the point they are retweeted though, rather than at the time the original Tweet was posted. I’ve just tested that here and it seems to work as expected.

As an alternative, and to reduce the chance of sensitive material appearing in a timeline for public display, you might consider a Collection timeline, and using an app like Charm on iOS, or TweetDeck in your desktop browser, to curate Tweets into a timeline for display. That’s obviously not automatic, but it does give you complete control over how and which Tweets are shown.


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