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Hello all,
I want to build a website where the users will be able to select twitter accounts and to filter the tweets from these accounts. The result will be an embedded timeline of these accounts, filtered with the words choosed by the user.
Here is what I understood :

  • Twitter lists can evolve dynamically, but I can’t filter the tweets
  • “Search” widgets can handle accounts and filters but can’t evolve dynamically (you have to use Twitter UI)
    Any suggestion on what I should do to achieve my goal!?


To display something like that you would have to either use custom timelines (https://dev.twitter.com/blog/introducing-custom-timelines – probably the best in the long run), or display by yourself the tweets while respecting the display requirements (https://dev.twitter.com/terms/display-requirements).

In both cases you would have to use the APIs to get the tweets to filter.
For real-time data update, the best would be the streaming API, but (except if you have for example access to the Firehose), you could not get the tweets from more than a total of 5,000 users.
You could also poll the rest API at a regular interval with the OAuth tokens of your site’s users.


Hi Vincent,
Thank you for your answer!
I applied yesterday for a beta access to the Custom timelines API. No answer from Twitter yet. Can you please do something for me!?
Tanks again


Hello Vincent,
Since you suggested me to use the Custom Timelines API, do you think you can arrange me an access to this beta API !?
In fact I think you’re right, this would be the best way to do what I want to achieve. This would avoid me to manage the display part!
You can contact me in MP if you prefer.
Thanks for your answer,


I also recently (12/18/14) applied to get this beta access. Did you ever get a response Pierre? If so, how long did it take from the date you applied? Were you approved? Cheers.

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