Embedded Timeline Widget No Longer Loading Content on Website


Hello, starting from around yesterday, for over 24 hours now, our embedded timeline widget at www.vdp.sk no longer seems to be loading content properly. Instead of content, it now typically only displays “Tweets by vdp_sk”. This used to happen occasionally in the past, but the issue would go away within minutes or so. But this has now been going on for 2 days, and we rely on the embedded timeline widget to communicate our news to hundreds of parents of students at our school. The content just isn’t loading, and it only appears (sometimes) when you hit the “Escape” button to manually interrupt the webpage loading. This issue appears in all browsers, on all platforms (including mobile ones), and while using various Internet providers. We haven’t touched our widget seetings in many months. What could we do to get our timeline widget working again? Thank you for your help.


Hello, we have now resolved the issue, so this thread can be closed, but our solution can perhaps be useful for other users experiencing something similar in future.

The reason for the widget failing to load data was that we also had a small counter script running on our homepage. It appears that the counter provider has now permanently disabled the service. The failure for the counter to load also resulted in the failure of the Twitter widget to load data. I’m not sure why there should be any connection between the two, but there was. As soon as I removed the counter script from the webpage, the Twitter widget started working again. And this although the Twitter widget is located on lines 163, 164 of the source code of hour homepage, whereas the dysfunctional counter script was only located towards the very bottom of the webpage, on line 243 (of 250 lines total) of source code of our homepage. (And no, the two scripts were not part of the same HTML table – they were located in distinctly and completely separate sections of the homepage.) In any case, this mysterious issue is resolved now.