Embedded timeline uses data-tweet-limit to only get certain amount of tweets which is working correctly. However, it first loads images from all the tweets on the feed (slowing down the site)


Checking the network panel of the developer tools shows several get requests that are fetching all of the images shown on the main twitter feed. Any idea how I could change it so it doesn’t load the extra content?


Has anyone come up with a solution to this? I am having the same issue. I have the embedded timeline set to only load in 2 tweets but in the console it shows that it is grabbing 15+ user thumbnails which is slowing down my already graphic-heavy site. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


still no reply on this? come on devs, the data-tweet-limit is pretty much pointless if you are pulling all the data anyways. There has to be a way to limit this for load time


+1 on this issue. It has detrimental effect on our site. Twitter, what do you say?