Embedded Timeline throwing errors after AJAX call


I have an AJAX based site, essentially the majority of the content is swapped out each AJAX call. One of those bits of content being swapped out is the Twitter timeline.

Prior to a few nights ago I could load all the AJAX data into the frame and call twttr.widgets.load(); and the timeline would render again. Now whenever I try to render the timeline after an AJAX call I get an error from line 31 of the widget.js - the console output looks like this “TypeError: this.sandbox is undefined” Could this possibly be related to the issue that popped up a few nights ago (https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/12429)? The code on my site hasn’t changed very much and I’ve done as much debugging without diving into the widget.js as possible.


This is probably related to the discussion you reference. I’ll make sure that the folks who work closely with these timelines are made aware to investigate.


Hi @leftasrain. Could you share with me the URL for your page so I can try to reproduce? It seems quite unlikely that the errors are related—although the timing is odd—so looks like perhaps there are elements not getting cleaned up (or references to…) on our part. I’ll be happy to dive in and see what we can do to catch this one.



Looks to be fixed as of now, rendering seems fine. I haven’t really touched the site today so I guess it’s cleared up on the widget’s end. Here’s a sample URL http://beta.leftasrain.com/posts/Bluebrain-Ten-By-Ten - in the column Comin 'Atcha are pages which load via AJAX clicking the logo will load a page as well.