Embedded timeline search refresh problem


Hi everyone,

I’ve just created a widget for embedding a twitter search timeline on my website but the content don’t refresh for now 2 hours. Does anyone could help me ?

Here is the widget embedded : http://app.owni.fr/ownioupas/ (last tweet 3h ago)
And here is the real search timeline : https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=%23ownioupas (last tweet 7min ago)

Thanks for your help,


I’m having this same problem. I just recently created my first embedded timeline. It shows existing tweets at the time the page is first loaded, but it doesn’t update as new tweets are created. If I refresh the page in the browser, then it updates and shows the more recent tweets. But I need it to do this automatically as refreshing the browser window isn’t an option.
[EDIT]: I refreshed my page (and got the latest tweets into the embedded timeline), then I just made a post of my own on twitter in another tab and the embedded timeline updated. Must be hit-or-miss on whether the embedded timeline tries to update itself.


I got the same problem. How did you solve this?