Embedded timeline problem with mobile safari (post iOS 8)


I have an App (Eurosceptic) that allows Dan Hannan’s tweets to be overlaid on the page in view. It worked fine until iOS 8. Now the ‘see tweets’ works in Safari on OS X but not in mobile safari (either in simulator or on device). I have put the latest embed timeline code and widget code in my page - but it still does not work…
(I even tried including widgets.js but still not working)
any ideas?

Embedded timeline - Bug in Safari iOS 9.x?

I created a user timeline with default options on JSFiddle. I loaded the page in mobile Safari in iOS 8.2 without issue.

If your customized code has hidden elements containing the timeline you would like to display, or the timeline HTML is newly inserted onto the page, you should try calling twttr.widgets.load() on the full document or a fragment to scan for the markup.