Embedded timeline problem on iOS



We have an issue where the Twitter embedded timeline on our site is expanding beyond the 300px width we have set for it. This is only happening on iOS mobile devices in portrait mode - not in landscape mode.


… notice how the widget expands beyond the edge of the page and has the effect of shrinking the remainder of the page.

It doesn’t happen on Android devices, nor on desktop or tablets.

My website users have only reported this as happening in the past few days.

Embedded timeline - Bug in Safari iOS 9.x?

Can you please provide an example URL where we can see the problem in action?


Please visit https://propertychat.com.au/community/ … the Twitter timeline is in the right hand sidebar, which on narrow screen devices will move to the bottom below the content.

The sidebar should be 300px wide

I have not personally been able to reproduce this problem because I don’t own an iOS based device, but I have reports and screenshots from at least 6 users demonstrating exactly the same issue.

Thanks for investigating.


Same here. I’m waiting for more information.


I am seeing the same problem with iPhone - ios 9.2 on iPhone. I have embedded a Twitter timeline on my page, which displays fine the first time when loaded in portrait mode. I flip the phone and display in landscape mode. It is still fine.

But then when i flip back the phone to potrait, the twitter timeline spills out horizontally, which causes the rest of the elements to shift back, this causes a white space on the right margin and the content looks squished to the left.
Here’s the url:


I have almost the same problem.
I have embedded a timeline widget on a page ( http://brs.dk/Pages/Forside.aspx )
The widget works ok on Android.
When opened on a horizontal Ipad it also looks ok, but in portrait mode and on Iphone the height of the widget expands continuesly.