Embedded timeline on website


hello all. i have embedded my timeline on my website but noticed that the only thing that shows on my timeline are my tweets. is there someway to show what is tweeted at me on that timeline??

i know if i retweet something it will show, but i am not wanting to bother with that, any suggestions?


You could create a search timeline of mentions of your screen name.


how would i go about doing this?


would i be able to control which tweets would be visible? could i maybe set certain “code words”??


You can create a search widget here:


Simply change the search terms to include the values you want to pull in, and then embed the widget.


I would search for an @username mention with a query exclusion for my own Tweets. I could add extra query exclusions on words or Twitter accounts.

Example: @HeForShe -from:HeForShe

Experiment with advanced search:

Create a new search timeline widget with your search query: