Embedded timeline on mobile device not resizing



Embedded timeline no longer resizing correctly on iPad or iPhone. We want to use this to keep current news on district website but it must work correctly on all devices. Looks great on computer. Suppose to train administrators on Thursday morning. Really need for it to look good!
Thanks for your help!!!

Found the answer on a different thread-Thanks Jake Harding
JakeHardingTwitter Staff17h
So the issue seems related to this: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/135102

If you add shrink-to-fit=no to the viewport meta tag, it fixes the problem. Requiring everyone to add that though isn’t ideal so I’ll dig into the issue further and see if a fix can be implemented from our side.


I am having this issue – how did you fix it? My website is gryffinofficial.com


unfortunately, shrink to fit did not resolve the issue on properties on which I have found this issue.
Your thread link above to the apple site doesn’t seem to be resolving either. Is there a more current version out there?

There’s a similar thread on this issue here: Timeline Widget Causing Website Resize with iOS 9