Embedded timeline not working with AngularJS



I am working on an AngularJS project and I am trying to add a Twitter Timeline to the home page.

Copied and pasted the embed code from Twitter and the script will only run when the page is loaded initially. Once I switch views and return to it, the timeline disappears and I am left with just the link to the page.

How do I get the timeline to display even after changing views?


Hi there!

You could try using JavaScript to re-render the timeline after the content of your application has changed.
More information can be found in the docs: https://dev.twitter.com/web/javascript/initialization


Thanks. I will try this.


Hey did you manage to solve this problem @justvcreative please? I have the same problems over there and I do not find a way to put a twitter timeline in tabs (angularJS) : as soon as I refresh the page the timeline doesn’t load and doesn’t display