Embedded timeline not working on my site


Hi all,

I am experiencing issues getting the embedded timeline to work on my website. I am using AngularJS and have different partial views. Each view has its own embedded timeline. The issue is that none of the timelines are showing up.

Right now, I got the script part in my index.html, and the widgets in each view.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Try calling twttr.widgets.load() after you display each view.


Thanks Vincent - that worked! Appreciate the quick feedback.


I’m having the same problem, but it’s got to be a different reason.

I copy and paste the code from the twitter widget settings into my html file. All I get is "tweets by @renegade_press. I’ve used several browsers, desktops and phones. I even tried declaring different doctypes. I can only see it on IE.

What’s the deal?


Hello i did this,

  1. I went to settings and i generate the code for my timeline twitter widget
  2. I copy the html generated to my site
Tweets by @RADPanama

The feed doesn’t update any post that i do . what is going on?


Do you have a sample we can look at?