Embedded timeline not updating



The home page of our website - www.gardaombudsman.ie - has an embedded timeline widget for our @gardaombudsman Twitter account. It worked fine until recently but now it won’t refresh with tweets made after February 25th.

This is the same when I go to twitter.com/settings/widgets/ - twitter itself is only showing me tweets made up to February 25th in the preview.

Our website, which normally received 100 to 200 visitors a day, experienced a spike in traffic in early to mid February, jumping to over 2,000 visitors a day for several days, before falling back to usual levels. Did we hit some sort of threshold and get the widget inadvertently blocked?

Any help appreciated…


By default the embedded timelines do not display replies (tweets starting by @). If you want them to be displayed, go to your embedded timeline settings and uncheck the checkbox to hide replies.


Ah, that explains it. Of the two tweets we’ve sent since 25/2, one was a reply and the other was an announcement that inadvertently begins with @.

Thanks for your help!