Embedded timeline not showing in Firefox, fine in Chrome, Safari, and IE



I’m developing a site in Wordpress, and am having an issue with the Embedded Timeline in Firefox, and only Firefox. Displays just fine in Chrome, Safari, and IE, but for some reason the script isn’t loading in Firefox. Not displaying an error, just leaving me with the “tweets by @[client]” link. I know Wordpress isn’t snipping the script, because it’s there in Firebug, and displays everywhere else. Any help would be appreciated.


Firefox 22.0


Never mind: solved. The Disconnect add-on for Firefox was conflicting with it.


DoNotTrackMe add-on in Firefox also conflicts.


I have the same problem, but i have no Add-Ons installed :frowning:


I’m having similar issues. But even when I display my twitter feed in Internet Explorer, it does weird things.