Embedded timeline no longer working, and configurator preview


Hi, The embedded timeline used to work for this and other sites. It changed suddently to just the notification "Hmm an empty timeline…“
I noticed in the forum an old issue with the configurator not including “http” before ://platform in the embed code.
I adjusted this in my embed code, and it resolved the “Hmm an empty timeline” issue but now just has a link to
"Tweets about #pittcon OR #pittcon2016 from:WatersCorp”. The link goes to a working feed, however the timeline still doesn’t show on my site.
Is there something else I need to fix in my embed code?
Also will the configurator be fixed any time soon?

URL is http://wvmc.waters.com/pittcon/



An embedded search timeline only returns recent Tweets, published in the past week or so. It looks like your given search query last matches a Tweet published on November 17. An empty timeline is the expected result.


OK great thanks @niall

Embedded timeline no longer working