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I have noticed that the font of the embedded timeline become bold and the size is higher than before. Is there something to do to change this ?


Embedded Timeline Font Size Way Too Big

Hello Krysteo,

You are right, we did make some small tweaks to the font sizes to make the widget more responsive. Unfortunately we do not support customizing font sizes in any official way (you could reach in to the iframe and change font sizes, but I would strongly advice against it as it can break in the future). I would love to see your website and the font size you want so I understand your use case and see if we can tweak the font sizes in future iterations.



thank you for the explanations.
Strange, on this other website the size of the font have not change (widget in the footer) : http://www.agenceeuroevents.com/index.html


We noticed same on our widget.

you can check it out here.

We would be really interested in any font tweet next widget generation could provide.


For the Twitter Staff
I think the new size (too big) and the bold made the text less elegant for the timeline. Just an aesthetic point of view.


This is actually a pretty significant change and has a huge impact on a professionally-designed website. For example on http://momsrising.org the region containing just our last three tweets now takes up the entire screen at medium browser sizes.

Since you offer no way to customize this and no promises against future changes, we may be forced to abandon the Twitter widget and build our own. Very frustrating!


Hey Ruby - one option to possibly consider is to change the .twitter-tweets margin-left CSS property to 401px. This gets the width of the container to 575px, which is a breakpoint for the new responsive design that will decrease the font size. Below is an example of what this would look like.



You set the widget width to be 640px while initializing it, which kicks in one of our ‘large display’ modes. I would recommend setting something smaller while initializing (< 520) or don’t set it which should render a smaller font, almost exactly like how it was before. Hope that or Alex’s comment above can help you here.


At different widget widths we tweak the display in a few ways so that it looks great for that width. Previously we did it only for 2 width breakpoints, but now we have a few more display treatments to look better for different use cases.


I’am on font-size: 18px when timeline widget width=500px or 520px and I’am on font-size: 14px when the width=420px.

Ideally I would like to have font size to 14 px on width=520 (it is my case). I think it is visually the best.


Thank you and @alexsinger for the responses. I will try this and report back!

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