Embedded Timeline Font Size Way Too Big



This has already been visited at length here: Embedded Timeline font, but it has never really been addressed head on. The unconfigurable responsive text “feature” used by the embedded timelines makes the text ungodly large and provide no utility to users who are on a large screen.

My site has a “More Tweets” popout to allow users to get a denser look at the timeline being displayed, however as the font scales itself up automatically, there are actually less tweets visible than the smaller timeline embedded in the original layout.

I understand there is a mobile craze going on and I don’t mean to be critical, but unless you’re 65, you don’t need to be reading tweets with 32pt font. I highly suggest adding a parameter to allow web developers to toggle responsive text on/off. You would certainly earn some good will from us desktop developers.

Full example graphic here: http://i.imgur.com/KSd77SX.jpg


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