Embedded Timeline fails in PhoneGap/Cordova


I have an embedded timeline that works fine in Safari and Mobile Safari but is empty when incorporated into a PhoneGap project and run in the Xcode simulator, on an iOS device or on an Amazon Fire HD.

I have used code generated by Twitter and a simple:
href=“https://twitter.com/TwitterDev” data-widget-id=“535806171714957312”>

Both work in Safari and mobile Safari but not in PhoneGap.

Whitelist is set to '*'
If I incorporate tweecool.js I get the required tweets displayed although the format is not great so keen to get the Twitter version working.
Suggestions appreciated…


The Embedded Timeline widget has two components: the anchor element with the widget ID and other data; the JavaScript needed to read the anchor element and render the widget.

Check to make sure Twitter’s widget.js is loaded through your resource manager or other means.


I have the widgets.js included and loaded - works fine on Safari and mobile Safari but nothing displayed when in a PhoneGap App.
Most annoying aspect is that it was working a few weeks ago and not sure if its the new version of PhoneGap or iOS 8 that has caused it to fail…


any further ideas or suggestions???