Embedded timeline duplicating itself


Hi guys

I am using a standard embedded timeline, that I have been for over a year, and now when I check my site - it is duplicating itself.

The code I am using is:

INESCe Twitter Updates by @Consult_INESCE

This has been working fine. No edits to the webiste, but suddenly today it looks like this:

Any ideas?

Thank you


That’s definitely… strange. Can you link me to the URL of you page where the embed is and I’ll try to debug the issue.




Hi Ben,

Sure, please see: www.inesce.com

Thanks in advance.



The issue is that you’ve got two copies of widgets-js being included in your page, one very old copy which has been copied locally into your page and is referenced in the <head> (/js/widgets.js), and the other which is referencing our server in the timeline embed code itself.

The way we detect that widgets have been initialized changed in an update so both scripts are instantiating a copy of the timeline simultaneously (one of them doesn’t support all the new features, hence the missing images.)

You can fix this by removing your local copy of widgets from your template.




Thanks Ben, seems to work for IE – looks like the issue is fixed, but on Chrome it doesn’t seem to want to display. Just has a link saying “INESCe Twitter Updates by @Consult_INESCE

Any idea why this may be?