Embedded Timeline attribute not HTML5 compliant



We’ve recently updated our site to use the new embedded timeline feature that you provide. Unfortunately the attributes “width” and “height” are not HTML5 compliant on anchor tags, and now a large number of our pages no longer pass the w3c validator.

Can you let me know what we can use as an alternative? e.g. data-height



Any update on this? Width and Height were deprecated ages ago.


It’s not that width/height are deprecated universally, but you’re correct that they’re not a valid piece of elements. We coopted them here because the tag subsequently gets transformed into a block element to which the attribute is applied.

I’ll see about adding a data- prefixed version of the attributes for validation sticklers. In the meantime, you can also pass attributes into widgets with URL parameters, so if you change the link in the embed code to, say, https://twitter.com/benward?width=450&height=600 then that should validate.



Still no change here?

I also had to escape the & in my URL, so it should be https://twitter.com/benward?width=450&height=600


Any developments on this?


The world is moving to Html5 and this issue is still unresolved. I agree with Oddschecker, please use “data-*” attributes.