Embedded search widget not displaying comments



I am trying to get an embedded search widget onto my website using a #. When creating the widget I noticed that in the preview area the comments didnt show auto for the hashtag until I unticked safe mode (I’m not sure as to why the comments aren’t safe anyway as the #is for a company event and only has 4 comments at the minute all from the same account).

When I untick the safe mode the comments appear. But when I save the widget and try to add it to my site I get a blank feed with the 'Hmm, an empty timeline…" message

I checked the settings and can easily embedded a standard twitter widget to show the feed from an account on the website; so I know its not that website/server. I think the issue is down to the hashtag needing to be unticked as safe mode.

Firstly I wanted to check if anyone has any experience of this before? Is it possible to remove a # from being tagged as unsafe by Twitter? Also is there a bug with the search widget that isnt overriding that you have unticked safe mode in the widget options.

Any input would be appreciated