Embedded Search Timeline - Only Shows Most Recent Tweets



I have included an embedded search timeline on my webpage using default settings. http://www.ucd.ie/edtecx/eaction.html It only shows tweets since July 28th (today is August 6th). I would like to display older tweets

This has to be possible as it is can be seen at http://webpa.ac.uk/

I have looked at their code and contacted them. The only significant difference I can see is the data-widget-id. I can display their older tweets using their data-widget-id on my page (obviously I want to display my older tweets)

Please advise


Twitter’s search API returns recent Tweets: from the last 7 days or so. New Tweets will appear in the timeline widget as they are published.


Thanks. Is this only at setup? In other words, does it display all new tweets from now on? Or does it remove them after 7 days or so? If the latter how come there are tweets dating back more than a year at http://webpa.ac.uk/?
Just trying to understand what’s happening. Thanks