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Hi I’ve seen this question asked previously but can’t seem to find a resolution. I’ve generated a code via the twitter widgets section under settings in my profile, customised it and copied the code into a HTML block within our Moodle VLE but all it displays is a link. I have old widgets created under my profile and when I add these the HTML code is different to what I’m getting with the twitter/publish page. This is the new code:

Tweets by physiosinsport

This is the old code:

Tweets by @physiosinsport

I’m using this code to get around the issue. However, my staff are not HTML experts so I need to be able to demonstrate the normal way of adding in a widget. The strange thing is that our e learning team can’t replicate the issue on their machines and I have asked our learning community and nobody else seems to have the same problem. Help much appreciated. Thanks


Oops! Should have paste the code in text:


A Twitter widget consists of two parts: HTML defining the type of content you would like to load and any customizations; Twitter’s widgets JavaScript to interpret the HTML and load a widget.

The most typical cause of “all it displays is a link” is Twitter’s widgets JavaScript did not load on the page. Some publishing software strips out <script> content pasted in to an HTML area. View source of the web page generated that includes the timeline link. Search for “twitter-timeline” to locate the timeline HTML. Do you see a script block below?



I have the same problem as LearningTecGirl.
I’ve generated the code using the twitter widget and paste it in my dreamweaver file, but i’m only getting a link to my twitter account saying “Tweets de @AmbJaponFR”.

I looked at the source of the web page and found this (without the space after the “<”) :
< div id=“twitterContainer”>
< a class=“twitter-timeline” href=“https://twitter.com/AmbJaponFR” data-widget-id=“725985254809309184” width=“180” height=“200”>Tweets de @AmbJaponFR
< script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset=“utf-8”>
< /div>

Is it the script block you’re talking about ?


I also can’t save a widget so that it appears in my list. In addition, all the help talks about the options as being User, Favourites etc but I see Profile, Likes, List, Collection. I can’t find anybody within my office who is having any problems with creating widgets apart from one lady who got the same type of code that I am getting on first try and then redid it and the longer one appeared instead and worked when embedded. I’m just wondering if there is something wrong with my actual account.


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