Embedded Lists scroll does not work on new parameter system



My application is currently using both the legacy system with ‘widgetIds’ and the new system which uses ‘ownerScreenName’ and ‘slug’ to determine the List in question.

I am using the exact same procedure and configuration, however scrolling works perfectly with the legacy system and is completely dysfunctional (even when omitting ‘noscrollbar’ from the ‘chrome’ param.) Note that I am using my mouse’s scroll wheel to scroll. This is the intended behavior.

Testing URLs:
Legacy ‘widgetId’ embed: http://overcharge.tv/dota2
New system embed: http://overcharge.tv/overwatch

Simply click the ‘Community’ tab in the top right hand corner and the Twitter timeline should embed immediately. I am logging the embed parameters to the console if it may help you guys.

P.S. The Twitter dev docs are overflowing for me in Chrome on 1920*1280. This has been the case for several weeks.


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