Embedded images do not show



I have a website that shows pictures having a certain hashtag and I’m using the media_url attribute with the size hint to link to the images.

<div class="pola-img" style="background-image:url(//pbs.twimg.com/media/BN8yxQrCYAAnoDP.jpg:medium);"></div>

The images are blank and instead I’m just getting a 1x1 pixel png back:


When I open the image URL in the browser, the images are working fine.

Is there a limit for querying the static servers?


Ok, I just opened the same website in another tab. Same browser (Chrome), different user account. Here the images are loading fine. I’m guessing, there is some kind of image blocking going on for twitter URLs. I do have Disconnect running, but it didn’t show any blocking. Weird.