Embedded image permalink


Sometimes I can’t see any picture. Appear as embedded image permalink .My browser is chrome.help…


Am getting the “Embedded Image Permalink” error on google chrome, please advise ?


This would occur in cases where an image failed to load and the alternate text is displayed in place by your browser.

There are various causes: A temporary flakey internet connection between you and our image server, or any other kind of momentary glitch on a server along the way. It’s also possible that if you’re viewing a Tweet that includes another user’s image as a link, and that original Tweet were to have subsequently been deleted, that that raw image would be unavailable permanently (although Tweets like these are rare.)



This has been an ongoing recurring issue for me this last week. I’ve had everything checked and tested that could possible be checked and tested. The only answer is that it is a twitter issue. Very frustrating and cannot get any answers.


it’s happening to me and i can’t fix it please help


I’m also getting the error message. It just started and I believe Windows just updated IE yesterday. Must be something in IE. I’m getting not pictures at all.


This has been ongoing for over a week, just like Vine won’t work on my laptop, can’t get any straight answer from twitter or vine! They did tweet that they know about it and have posted it twice once on Sept. 10th and just about 36 min. ago. 9/12/13 12:30am. I don’t have much hope in them fixing it any time soon.


embedded image permalink??? please help fix this


I had the same problem. I logged into my mother’s account and then logged back into my and like magic my pictures were shown!


Same here!


Wow! twenty some weeks and Twitter hasn’t fixed anything! I’m having the same issue, a LOT of my pictures are missing so I’m really waiting for a solution.


I had the same problem.


help me!!! can’t view photos


ok . questions only questions?? where are the answers