Embed works on one web page, not on another, in Mobile Safari


One Twitter widget is embedded on our two home pages - different URLs, identical structure (in HTML4 Transitional), identical copies of the widget code. Both pages work fine in all browsers, EXCEPT that in ONE page the widget causes mobile Safari (iPhone, iPad) to fail to fully load the page. The table cell containing the widget flashes up then disappears, and the rest of the page stops loading. Both home pages are large, but the one that fails is the smaller of the two.

The domains are hosted on different servers, but all other pages from both domains work correctly on all other browsers. I can see no differences between the two pages, nor the two widget codes (HTML and Javascript parts).
What do I look at next, please?


There is a bug in mobile Safari (6+) when displaying embedded timelines in a table cell that makes part of the page disappear under some rare conditions. For the moment the only work-around that I know of is to move the embedded timeline out of a table cell.


Thanks, Vincent. I’m curious to learn why it affects one page but not its ‘twin’, but I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next Safari upgrade.