Embed Widget Not Working, Need Help


I followed the directions here: https://pbjmarketing.com/how-to-embed-a-twitter-feed-with-hashtags/

I was able to get to the search box and the hashtag we’re trying to embed is #DOVS17 - there are active users tweeting about it. It doesn’t work and it says, “Hm, there are no tweets about this.”

This is the code: #DOVS17 Tweets

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!


There are no Tweets with that hashtag since March 15. The embedded search timeline only supports showing Tweets within the past 7 days.

An alternative approach might be to create a Collection (using e.g. TweetDeck) and curate the Tweets you want into a timeline that you can then embed using publish.twitter.com. Collections do not have the same time-based limitation as search timelines.