Embed Video with Vine not working



I’m trying to embed this tweet which has a Vine video on my website - https://twitter.com/FootbaIlVine/status/677948930332762112

widgets.js attempts to load the tweet but then fails and adds a ‘twitter-video-error’ class to the blockquote.

If I embed a Tweet with a Twitter video it works fine. Is there anyway to debug what the video error is?

EDIT: Seems that the Preview doesn’t work on Twitter’s website either.


I am not able to replicate your issue in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Which browser were you using when you experienced the error? Are you running any ad blockers which might affect loading differently on your computer or browser vs. the experience of a standard web viewer?


I’m running Chrome with uBlock Origin on OS X, but I also checked with Safari without any extensions and the preview does not show - https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0xyc8h4rxigahg/Screenshot%202016-01-24%2021.45.44.png?dl=0


I should note that this is when you “Embed Video” with a Vine and not “Embed Tweet”…


Hi Chris,

Sorry, this is an error in the interface. The “Embed Video” feature should only be exposed for Twitter uploaded video, not Vines. We’ll get someone to clean that up.

You should either pick the Embed Tweet option, which will provide a video-forward embed, or if you want to use the native Vine embed, you can go to the vine permalink and click “embed” there (or append /embed to the URL, e.g. https://vine.co/v/iMnmlUzx370/embed)



Thanks for your report. The option to embed a Tweet in a video-forward Tweet template should not be advertised through “Embed Video.” The option should be removed from Twitter.com.


A Tweet with a Vine should no longer display an Embed Video option.



Nice work, guys! :+1:

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