Embed Twitter Video on WordPress Site?


With the launch of Twitter’s new video upload, there is great Video content being shared that I would like to embed on my website, smackhigh.com

However, whenever I go to embed a Twitter Video Tweet (or just the video itself), the video does not show up on the article, and instead just the TEXT of the tweet shows up.

I have also tried just copying the Tweet URL into the post, and that does not preview the video when the article is published.

To summarize, no Twitter videos are being shown in posts after I try embedding the tweet, the video, or the tweet URL to my posts.

Is there a type of plugin that needs to be installed on WordPress to fix this? Or am I forgetting to do something in the process from embedding the video to publishing?


We just released a WordPress plugin for sites running PHP 5.4 or newer. The plugin supports embedded Twitter-hosted video through a shortcode.

Once you have the plugin installed you can add an embedded video through the twitter_video shortcode.