Embed Twitter Moment - video not displaying on IE or Edge



Visit this twitter documentation link in IE Edge

The video does not render - it shows a black box as per attached. Works on Chrome

Anyone know how to resolve this?


I can’t believe it’s only me that’s testing this in Microsoft browsers… I’m in Win 10, tried in Edge and older ie browsers…

Does anyone else at least SEE this issue? Please reply


not one person is able to test this for me??


Personally, I’ve been on vacation for the past ~10 days so I haven’t been able to check. Is this just in the one page in the documentation, or do you see this around the web? You mention “IE Edge” - do you mean IE and Edge?


Everywhere I use this embedded widget, and all across Twitter’s own documentation for this widget. The link I provided is a good example as it’s twitter hosted and presumably done correctly :slight_smile:

IE and Edge, that’s right.


OK - will take a look in the next couple of days when back in the office.


Thanks, @andypiper that’s great


Hey @andypiper did you get a chance to replicate the issue in IE / Edge? Need to report back to my team on whether browser compatibility is planned, so we can decide on implementation of twitter



I have not done so yet, but plan to raise a ticket internally - it may be related to the video-in-IE issue we are seeing reported here.

Certainly believe that this should work, and that modern IE/Edge would be a target browser for our embeds to work in.

Just to confirm, there are no ad-blockers in play here, right? Thanks.


no plugins at all on my version of Edge - I only use it for testing [god forbid actually using it for daily use :wink: !]

I’ve also tried it in one of my clean VMs, with ie9, and its the same issue



console from my edge, viewing the Twitter hosted link


Not sure if it’s relevant, but just in case:

Embedded Moments no longer display on resolution over 1190px width

Hey @andypiper how do internal tickets work over there, do you think this will get enough priority to be addressed quite soon? Just useful info that I can pass on :slight_smile:


Got to give an update to me superiors - any news on this?


Sorry, I’m afraid we haven’t had a chance to get this sorted at the moment, but we are aware of the issue.


ok, cheers


I’m sorry to ask, but I’m being badgered about this. Do you know at all what timescale this might be fixed in? In the next month maybe?

I know you probably have an endless list of tasks outstanding, but if you did happen to know a vague deadline based on whatever priority you’ve assigned, it would be mighty useful


Any update? :slight_smile:


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