Embed twitter feed in client application (non website) - how to avoid activex warnings



I’m not sure if this is the right category, because I don’t want to embed a twitter feed in a website, but in a local application.

We develop a business application and would like to integrate our twitter feed in it. It’s a locally installed application (not a website), and we tried to embed the widget code. However, we get activex warnings when the script code is run.

Is there a way to display our tweets without having to worry about security warnings?



Requesting your timeline from the REST API using statuses/user_timeline should work for your desktop app integration if HTML embeds are not an option.


Thanks, I’ll pass it on to our developers!



Our developers have studied the REST API, and have some concerns:

  • our application is running on a few thousand computers. We want to show our twitter feed in our application. Our end users don’t necessarily have a twitter account, and we don’t want them to perform additionnal actions to see our feed in our application.
  • so this leads us to using application-only authentication we think, but in view of the large number of clients, we would quickly exceed the rate limits. (let’s say 2000 clients request a user_timeline every hour, that is 500 requests per 15min, well above the maximum allowed (300).

What’s the best solution. Implement some sort of proxy mechanism, or do you have any other suggestions?


If you are displaying just one user timeline to 2000+ clients then a cached proxy through your central server seems like the best solution.


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