Embed tweets without javascript or jquery


Hi my question is is there a way to embed tweets without javascript and jquery. Clean HTML what i am looking for. Some sites not allow js or jq or even php is there a way ?


A fully-rendered Embedded Tweet renders in a web browser using JavaScript. If you are unable to include JavaScript the text of the Tweet will appear on the webpage.


I use http://feed-generator.com You have all for free and U can put any page where U cant use JS. It is like Images i have width set about 700 px and using for my footer on some forum pages. You can set in settings any width U want


Hey thx for answers i will look and if it will be what i am looking for i get back here and post a msg.


Yea, no problem :smiley:


Hey this is what i was looking for. Thank You i had only one problem with email it’s gone to spam but its working i dont need to use javascript or jquery to embed the tweets. Thx !

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