Embed tweets with user profile image



I’m trying to embed different lists of manually selected tweets, along with the profile images of the users that tweeted them.

I know it is possible to embed tweets through Twitter interface or oEmbed (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-tweets), but I think this gives you only text, no user image. Am I right?

The tweets I want to show doesn’t have anything in common (hashtags, mentions, users that tweeted them or anything) and I want a lot of different lists, so I guess a favourite tweets list/widget is not an option. Maybe custom timelines would do? (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/custom-timelines). I’ve tried to embed a custom timeline but it doesn’t seem to work (it doesn’t show at all, neither in the Twitter preview panel or when I copy the code in my website).

Any other ideas on how to do this?



With embedded tweets you can choose to display images or not. For example the tweet at the top of https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-tweets has an image embedded in it (and displayed above the tweet).
You could also use an embedded timeline displaying favorites, though that would require you to create a different account for each list, so the best is probably as you say custom timelines.
The preview on the widget creation/edition screen should definitely display the tweets in the custom timelines if you have at least one custom timeline on your account. On the widgets creation screen, do you have a preview on the other tabs (user timeline, favorites, list, search)?


Thanks for your answer Vincent, but what I want are user profile images (the photo of the user), not the image added to a particular tweet.

I haven’t tried yet the oEmbed option, but when I copy the embed code from the twitter panel in my web it shows without user profiles images (FYI: my web is created with Drupal).
There is a problem with my web or the user profile images never show with the embed code? oEmbed lets you show the user profile image?

The preview on the widget creation page was not working for me because of browser extensions that I guess blocked this kind of widgets, I’ve tried in other browsers and it displays OK, so custom timelines seems to be the best option right now (but I would prefer oEmbed).



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