Embed tweets of those I am following in my website



I am following 277 users that cover archaeology and history. I would like to post the tweets that come from these users in my website. Here is an example: http://phoenicia.org/PIRC/PIRC_Members.html

I am not certain what to do? Should I put in the script, “birdLink: ‘http://twitter.com/Following’,” or is there some other way I can use to get those I am following to appear in a feed in my webpage?



Here is the script related to the above subject:


use twitter widget in your site. If you are using wordpress then search in the plugins section for twitter. You will find many.


I am using:
// BeginOAWidget_Instance_2125523:

I want to change the parameters so that what this widget pulls into my website, the tweets of those I follow. The script is above.



Everytime i wake up, i drop down and give thanks at least one time



We don’t currently generate a public rendering of your personal followings (e.g. you may follow private accounts that we would not show as part of a widget) but you can curate a list of your favourite public accounts and then create a widget to embed. See http://twitter.com/settings/widgets/new/list, and https://twitter.com/PhoeniciaOrg/lists.