Embed Tweets—Embed as video when possible



Hi there,

I am a developer at “Die Welt”, one of Germany’s biggest newspapers. We are currently looking into better integrating Twitter into our website and we would like to automatically embed tweets with videos as video-embeds and others as regular embeds. Our journalists usually enter a URL to a tweet in our CMS which we can use to basically do whatever we want. So what I want to do is try to figure out if a tweet is a video- or regular tweet and embed it accordingly. I have seen your oEmbed-API but it seems you have to know and choose in beforehand if you want a video or a text-tweet, is that correct? If so, I have seen on the actual page of the tweet you use og: meta tags that tell us what kind of content it is and we could scrape that but I’d like to ask if there is a more computer-scientifically way to do it, like an API. Oh also: I’ve read very confusing things on your REST-API quota, it was unclear to me whether we can use 15 requests per 15 minutes (which is not enough for a newspaper) or 180.


Our oEmbed API at publish.twitter.com/oembed does not have API limits. For some APIs you may see different limits for app-auth vs. user-auth: making requests without or with a user context.

Thanks for sharing your use case. Looking into solutions and improvements.


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